Infamous gay/Jew-basher and Igloo destroyer Azealia Banks boldly claimed that she would give up her rap career - she's a rapper? - in favor of campaigning for reparations.

It's true! The extremely part-time lyricist took to Twitter on a Boxing Day rant , declaring that African Americans need to unite and demand the Backpay to End All Backpays™.


Though it's difficult to truly put a price on what slavery and institutionalized racism did to Africans and their American descendents, and even wealthier African Americans can't always avoid racial injustice, $100 trillion would mean a little more than $2.2 million per African-American. Who'd say no to that?

But in all seriousness: if even half of the country's African-American population had the ability and opportunity to build that kind of wealth, it would be revolutionary.


Take up the cause, Banks. It's not like people really knows your music, anyway.