...it just takes a bit of effort on your part. It's actually one of the better aspects of The Kinja.

Step#1: Bookmark your Followed View link.

For me, that's http://14fortyone.kinja.com/private/follow….

[N.B. - I could also link to my Private View, to get updates about responses to my comments - but doing that tends to eat away at my time more than I can afford. Use your own discretion.]


If (Since) you're a Gawker addict, make sure you set up an icon on your mobile device's homescreen as well. Getting into the habit of accessing Gawker via that homescreen icon will save you from experiencing a lot of unnecessary anger.

Step#2: Decide which blogs and/or authors you want to follow

Those of you who like all of the authors on a single Gawker blog, click on that little icon to add that blog's stream of posts to your private view. For the rest of us who are actual human beings that exist in real life, you'll want to follow the posts of individual authors.


Step#3: Follow your preferred author(s):

Illustration for article titled PSA: Gawker Media Basically Allows You To Avoid Link-Bait Posts
Illustration for article titled PSA: Gawker Media Basically Allows You To Avoid Link-Bait Posts

Step #4: Repeat step #3 with other authors, to your satisfaction.

Now you should be well on your way to a more peaceful Gawker Media experience. Having said that, remember:


Your favorite writers don't necessarily share the same level of disdain for their co-workers that you do. As such, you may encounter times where they share a post created by said co-workers. There are dozens of reasons that this may occur; none of them will make sense to you.


That said, one or two stray posts from Hamilton Nolan (or Rich Juzwiak, Dodai Stewart, Laura Beck, or Caity Weaver) should be far easier to deal with - especially since they're usually of better quality.

I know most of you know how to do this already, or have enough patience to avoid reading/engaging certain authors anyway. Consider it a friendly reminder.

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